Product Details

Philips and O'Neill, the famous sport brand from the Unite States, formed partnership in Summer 2010. They share common goals to create a range of great sounding durable headphones, and are specially built to withstand physical demands. The initial launch was only in Europe and the U.S., and eventually in Hong Kong this summer. Aiming to impress the young and trendy, the headphone is backed up with stylist elements of color matching besides the elements of sound quality and durability.

"TESTED ON ANIMALS" has always been the brand concept of Philips | O'Neill. Forming the ANIMAL TEAM from the world class Riders in snowboarding and surfing, each unique element in the headphone is presented naturally and authentically with Riders' active lifestyles. The expansion of the ANIMAL TEAM has brought not only dedication and fortitude in sports, but also more diverse fashion senses. Feeding users' stylish appetites by colors mix&match, Philips | O'Neill injected these elements in the latest launch of CRUZ in 2013, is offering the headphone uniqueness to every trendy user.